Everythings Bigger in…Japan

Everythings Bigger in…Japan

Last year McDonald’s Japan released its wildly popular Big America promotion, which, as the name suggests, was a series of quarter-pound hamburgers based on the Japanese image of the United States. Since it was probably inconvenient to use a hamburger as a topping for hamburgers, McDonald’s Japan instead devised four unique burgers themed on several American locations and their ‘representative’ cuisines: the Texas Burger, New York Burger, California Burger and Hawaiian Burger.

Oh yes.

This January McDonald’s Japan followed up on the Big America series with the launch of—what else—the Big America 2 series. We here at RocketNews believe it unjust that the enjoyment of these quintessential American flavors is limited to Japanese patrons, and have decided to translate a series of tasting reviews written by our Japanese staff. While we fear that some of the flavor will get lost in translation, we hope that the following four articles will bring you closer to understanding the true taste of America.

This year’s promotion kicked off with the Texas Burger 2, the sequel to last year’s fan favorite. McDonald’s Japan promised that, with its combination of bacon, mustard relish and spicy chili bean topping, the Texas Burger 2 will deliver a taste that “emulates Texas’ wild image.”

So, how good is it? We went to our local McDonald’s to find out!

From the first bite, the Texas Burger 2 hits you with a spiciness that rivals that of Indian curry and leaves a strong, memorable impression. This is thanks to the Texas Burger’s signature chili beans, which, as well as giving the burger a wildly intense flavor and aroma, add substantial volume to make a rather filling meal. True to the Texas name, this is a bold, hearty and almost enchanting burger that truly makes you feel like a carnivore!

Our only criticism is that the taste of the Texas Burger’s other special ingredient, bacon, is massacred by the relentless spiciness and deep flavor of the chili beans.

Overall, the Texas Burger 2 is a delicious sandwich, and a great way to relaunch the ‘Big America’ series.

Translation: Steven

Everythings Bigger in…Japan

Everythings Bigger in…Japan