Seven-year-old in China gets hungry and calls…the police!

Seven-year-old in China gets hungry and calls…the police!

Growing up, we all learn the basic rules and etiquette for talking on the phone. Don’t talk with your mouth full. Don’t crank call random strangers. Never call a 900 number. And never, ever, ever call the police unless it’s a real emergency!!

But what do you think counts as an emergency for a seven-year-old? A house fire? A runaway dog? How about feeling a bit peckish? If you chose “feeling peckish,” you know just how this little boy in China felt!

Around 11am on the morning of September 19, police in Wuhan City, the capital of Hubei Province in China, received a surprising emergency phone call. The officer who answered the phone was baffled to hear the person on the other end of the line complaining of being hungry. Though we can only imagine how perplexed the cop must have been, he listened carefully and soon realized that the caller was actually a child home alone! Apparently the seven-year-old boy had gotten hungry and started feeling scared, so he decided to call for help.

It seems that his parents had left around 8am to help the boy’s grandmother move and had told him to wait for them to come home. After talking to his parents over the phone later in the morning and finding out that he’d have to wait even longer, the child mulled the situation over before ringing up the police. And, you have to admit, it makes sense in seven-year-old logic!

Seven-year-old in China gets hungry and calls…the police!

The police officer, feeling sorry for the boy, decided to check on him. Slightly complicating matters though was the date: September 19 was the Mid-Autumn Festival according to the Chinese calendar, meaning the streets were packed with excited revelers. However, the officer turned the busy holiday into an advantage! Heading to the boy’s house, the cop stopped just long enough to buy some yuebing, or mooncake (seen in the featured image), a small round Chinese confectionery eaten to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.

After feeding the child, the police officer contacted the parents who returned immediately and explained the situation, apologizing for the inconvenience. The cop left after telling the parents to look after their child more carefully.

All’s well that ends well, right? But now we really want some mooncake! Maybe it’s time for a trip to China. Hmm…how about a RocketNews24 team-building retreat, boss?

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Seven-year-old in China gets hungry and calls…the police!