Ago-kui is the new kabe-don, and it looks incredibly cute when done to pets!

Ago-kui is the new kabe-don, and it looks incredibly cute when done to pets!
Are you still caught up in the kabe-don craze? We’ve even seen some variations to the wall-pounding approach, but it’s time to change it up for the next manga inspired photo trend – ago-kui!

Japanese Twitter users have shifted their attention to another heart throbbing situation that often comes up in manga and anime, the act of gently tilting another person’s head upwards by their chin. Similar to when kabe-don was trending, Twitter users started posting images of themselves getting caught up in an ago-kui situation, but they soon realized, it looks way cuter when ago-kui is done to their pets! More cuteness ahead!

First things first, what is ago-kui? “Ago” means chin, and “kui” is an onomatopoeia of a soft creak, such as the sound created by the extension arm when you push open a window. As with kabe-don, ago-kui is an action that is commonly seen in romantic situations in anime, manga or even drama serials, when the hero is about to steal a kiss from the heroine.

壁ドンが一時期流行ったけど次は顎クイが流行るって….顎はいいかな( ̄▽ ̄;)

明希@12/21TAKUYA∞誕生日 (@akinoaki11) November 15, 2014

Ago-kui came into the spotlight when a series of photos of Popteen model Nozomi Maeda went viral on Twitter because she looked so coy and cute in the photos.


前田希美 (@Maeda_Nozomi) October 03, 2014

She sure looks cute, but wait… Twitter users were quick to discover that it looks even cuter when their beloved pets get the ago-kui treatment!

▼ Canines


けー汰 (@_Keitannn) November 01, 2014




内山栞里 (@notyu6) November 16, 2014



いとうあこ (@itoako1104) October 30, 2014

みんなの憧れ顎クイ\( ‘ω’)/

ちゃんまーん。 (@oAo1ayachanman) November 14, 2014

▼ This cute guinea pig.


ましゅもん。 (@_Ma4u) October 24, 2014

▼ This little hedgehog is irresistible too!


いお (@_io_sn_) November 10, 2014

▼ And lots of cats…


基山いちき@召喚士 (@ichi_Liar5) October 21, 2014

栗さん顎クイしてみた 🌳🌰

やますん(∵)!/Kaede.A (@eye_ke) October 22, 2014


✡みきみきにしてあげるLV.99✡ (@agepoyowww) November 06, 2014


ヴァージンブレイカー@文系くん (@skg_501) October 23, 2014


樅はパンティーパン子になりました (@eert_rif_imimom) November 09, 2014


さくら(プリクロ17時〜FV) (@mizuna_sakura) November 13, 2014


もりちゃま (@knk_c) November 17, 2014


や の る (@GMAYANO) November 01, 2014


ゆいP (@YuiPi0917) November 06, 2014

▼ This doesn’t look quite like it…

彼が魚に”顎クイ”してた←_(:3 」∠)_

marin (@marin_vvv) November 10, 2014

▼ Home appliance maker Sharp joined in the fun too. We’re not convinced that that’s a pet though.


SHARP シャープ株式会社 (@SHARP_JP) December 01, 2014

Are you a kabe-don or an ago-kui kinda person? Share your preferences in the comments section below!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Top image: @KhYuzuru on Twitter

Ago-kui is the new kabe-don, and it looks incredibly cute when done to pets!