“Beer Hour” Portable Server Enjoys Heady Success

“Beer Hour” Portable Server Enjoys Heady Success

Once I heard the Takara Tomy “Beer Hour” portable beer server, I just knew I had to have one. It works with both 350-ml and 500-ml cans and produces more foam than you can get from a can without shaking it up first. It looked perfect, so I ponied up the 1,995 yen and took one home to try it out.

I ripped open the box and yanked out the Beer Hour server. It takes an AAA battery to work, so I jammed one in, my fingers shaking with delight by this time because I couldn’t wait to see what it would do to a common, ordinary can of beer.

I grabbed a crisp, cold beer from the fridge and clamped the Beer Hour server onto it. I eagerly tilted the beer toward my glass, and the golden brew flowed out just like it would from a tap in a bar.  I could even control the amount of foam in my glass.

The beer didn’t taste as fine as a fresh draught from an izakaya tap, but it was definitely better than drinking it straight out of the can, and I can’t say enough about the head on it. Beer Hour is easily worth the price.

On a whim, I tried it with carbonated makgeolli, the Korean rice wine, but it wasn’t able to produce foam on that drink. Too bad!

You can be a hero at your next barbecue or fireworks show if you bring along Beer Hour. Just don’t forget to bring a battery!

Images: RocketNews24

“Beer Hour” Portable Server Enjoys Heady Success