Look, I’m Yuzuru Hanyu! Twitter trolls get creative with celebrity portrait plastic files

Look, I’m Yuzuru Hanyu! Twitter trolls get creative with celebrity portrait plastic files
Brand endorsement is a big thing in Japan, and many companies and organizations appoint celebrities and famous personalities to promote their products , services and campaigns. More often than not, these famous faces appear not only on billboards and commercials, but also on limited-edition campaign goods such as collectible postcards and plastic folders that consumers can receive by participating in the campaigns.

Fans would rush to get their hands on these limited freebies featuring their favorite stars, but as always, if there’s a face on it, there’d be trolling. Some Japanese youths have found some ingenious ways to “use” these Yuzuru Hanyu and Miliyah Kato plastic folders, check them out after the break!

Figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu has been a media darling since he cinched the gold medal at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. With such a glamorous title under his belt, not to mention the stunning results he has been consistently producing since the Olympics, Hanyu’s popularity has attained a new high and it’s no surprise that the young medalist has been appointed as the face for several brands, including major confectionery maker Lotte’s line of Ghana chocolates.

In a recent promotional stint, fans were tempted with these Yuzuru Hanyu plastic folders that came free with purchase of the brand’s chocolates.

羽生結弦 クリアファイル 横3+縦4 全7種 ガーナ 非売品① ck.jp.ap.valuecommerce.com/servlet/referr… http://t.co/fR0akmj6w4

羽生結弦選手関連商品 (@07958871e9b6) January 13, 2015

There’s no doubt that many fangirls were delighted with this wonderful chance to get both chocolate and Yuzuru Hanyu goods at the same time. Amidst the fangirling, Twitter user Hikarin ( @7hi2 ) made this eye-popping discovery:

▼ Anyone can be Hanyu now!

全種類コンプリート記念に話題の羽生くんになれる横ファイルで遊んでみた結果 http://t.co/5tH9bk4Bye

ひかりん (@7hi2) January 20, 2015

We don’t know what these girls were doing with the files that led to such a discovery, or if the makers had secretly implanted such an intention when they were designing the files, but that certainly made us look twice!

The Ghana campaign was more or less targeted at Yuzuru Hanyu fans, and there was a criteria of purchase in order to get one of those plastic folders so there wasn’t as much trolling going on since the fangirls probably swept up all the stocks before the trolls stepped in.

Pop singer Miliyah Kato, who was appointed as a spokeswoman for a government-run campaign, too, had a plastic folder with her face printed on it, but it suffered more from the trolls because the folders were mass-distributed to students in an attempt to get the campaign message across.

Look, I’m Yuzuru Hanyu! Twitter trolls get creative with celebrity portrait plastic files

【画像】加藤ミリヤの薄っぺらい言葉がクリアファイルになって全国の高校生に配られるwww news.chnuru.com/archives/61814 http://t.co/EWppKWuo6W

ちゃんぬる (@chnuru) January 18, 2015

The campaign was meant to encourage students to speak to an adult if they know that their friend is facing troubles that they personally might have difficulties speaking about, such as bullying or domestic violence.

In order to reach out to the students, plastic files with the campaign ambassador’s portrait and handwritten message printed on them were given out at schools, and some students ended up had a fun time with their freebies instead…

▼ Decorating the school with it.


てか今日朝学校行ったらこのファイル4枚くらい下駄箱入ってて新しいイジメかなんかかと思った http://t.co/lQjPbRRMBF

あまとー☆いしゅたる (@_1SHTAR_) January 29, 2015

#加藤ミリヤ http://t.co/zyAHLjM00v

紅夜のみょいん@自発祭り (@Myoin) January 30, 2015

▼ The inevitable.

加藤ミリヤおこやで。 http://t.co/bkaIhc4P75

重森 大輝 (@ShiGexx0828) January 16, 2015

加藤ミリヤのクリアファイルの下に飛弾入れたらだいぶフィットしてる。 http://t.co/K1V3wz89m5

世界のかずちゃそ (@kazuma_0818) January 15, 2015

▼ It seems some kids needed a book cover more than a file.

石崎君の使い方はブックカバーです爆笑 http://t.co/kEJu5Wdqxk

ななみ (@mizutaninanami) January 21, 2015

▼ We can’t tell if this guy’s a hardcore troll or a hardcore fan for wanting to use tissues dispensed out of Miliyah Kato’s mouth.

リア友の加藤ミリヤのクリアファイルの使い方が新しい。 http://t.co/mItQopW75m

ぽ か ( 博多弁 ) (@TO_POCA) January 28, 2015

▼ Among all the forms of trolling, cut-outs got the most laughs out of the youngsters.


配られた瞬間切ってやった🌞 http://t.co/NhQAHvWK1x

西田 ねね (@Neneama83) January 22, 2015


加藤ミリヤのファイルの最後。 http://t.co/LXatZDwABQ

志村 律樹 (@Ritsuki2473) January 16, 2015

加藤ミリヤに抱きつかれた😁✋笑笑笑 http://t.co/JA4WgRd8lj

けいか (@ojs43) January 27, 2015

話題の加藤ミリヤのファイルもらったので私もハグもらっておきました http://t.co/C6PQ2qtgXb

風乃香 (@jjn_nj) January 23, 2015

💕@ innu_0328 💕 http://t.co/3qyUX8WQJz

わたぽん (@wataponn1998) January 23, 2015

Seems like things don’t always turn out pretty for campaign ambassadors even if they’re endorsing a good cause. Among us, Mr. Sato probably has the highest odds of having his face printed on some merchandise or getting a chance to endorse some quirky campaign. I’ll make a note to ask him about his thoughts on getting his fan goods manipulated, should the day ever come.

Source: Zhaizhai News
Images: Twitter (@7hi2) , gov-online.go.jp

Look, I’m Yuzuru Hanyu! Twitter trolls get creative with celebrity portrait plastic files