Chinese students find creative ways to protest long speeches

A long intro talk given by the school principal is unavoidable at any school event. Most of the time, those talks seem to go on forever.

It seems the phenomenon happens in China also. Some students at a Chinese school recently protested against their principal’s long and boring monologue. However, the way they did created some controversy.

It happened at the opening ceremony of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in Guang Dong Province. The school principal started his address on the red carpeted stage, when suddenly a group of male students in white t-shirts broke in. They made a straight line facing towards the stage, pulled their shirts up to their faces, and then laid back with their feet turning toward him.

What in the world happened? In China, showing the top in such a manner is meant to represent a dead dog. They said later that was a protest again his long and boring address.

People stopped paying attention to the address and started taking pictures. The somber ceremonial mood broke completely. The principal, in a show of stoic defiance, kept talking in spite of the disturbance.

Students vs Principal. Everybody watched breathlessly to see what would happen next. They realized the concrete they laid down on was so cold that they could not keep going. They ended their protest dismally in the end.

Some of the students that were present for the protest uploaded the incident on the internet. However, most of the comments to the videos are not very supportive. Some examples:
“It’s so abstract. I have no idea what they are trying to say”,
“That must be some kind of artistic statement, but what?”,
“They should have shown the administration some respect as students”.

The school addressed the comments to media with compassion, “Yes, some of our students laid down on the ground during the speech. But they had their own opinion, and they have the freedom to show it…”

Chinese students find creative ways to protest long speeches