Luxman Unveils Luxury USB Cable

Luxman Unveils Luxury USB Cable

High-end audio electronic product manufacturer Luxman has announced its sale of the JPU-150, a high-definition reference USB cable that purports to improve the sound quality of the digital audio data it transfers.

This sounds like wonderful news for music listeners who spend more hours with earphones in than out, but the luxury USB cable is on sale for the astonishing price of 10,500 yen.

The impressive price tag caught Internet users, many of whom probably use USB cables purchased for three-digit prices, by surprise:

“You might as well hire an orchestra to accompany you on your walk through the city at that price.”

“10,500 yen? Will it make porn look better?”

However, Luxman proudly stands behind its new product for transferring high-quality data. In its product literature, the corporation claimed that it rolled “technology and know-how cultivated through years and years of audio amplifier devleopment” into the JPU-150. If you can enjoy better sound quality simply by plugging in a better USB cable, how much is 10,500 yen really going to hurt in the long run?

Source: LUXMAN – JPU-150 Reference USB Cable

Luxman Unveils Luxury USB Cable