Top 10 Utterly Bizarre Japanese Ads Will Make You Say “WTF”

The Japanese have a flare for making some of the best food, art, music and literature. But when it comes to their commercial making sensibilities, we don’t really know what to say… but we’re into it. (Well “3D on the rocks” is not included. That one is awesome!)

Just when you think these ads can’t get any more bizarre, they do. So we’ve come up with the Top 10 utterly bizarre Japanese ads that will definitely make you say “what the …”

Now sit back, relax, and prepare to be completely freaked out.

10.UHA Ad

I know why this one is popular.

9.Oasis As

I’m afraid to drink water now.

8.Creepy Babies Ad

Apparently this noodle company thinks that jumping babies aren’t creepy at all, but rather make you hungry. It would probably be a more effective condom commercial.

7. Hulk Hogan Ad

Whatever Hulk Hogan is trying to sell in this crazypants ad, it couldn’t possibly make you want to buy it. What it does do is make you think Hulk Hogan is a pedophile and that your baby is in grave danger.

6.Sexual Animals Ad

WHY DO THESE ANIMALS HAVE GIANT BREASTS AND GIANT TESTICLES? Granted, Anabuki is a construction company so maybe the point is that they can build giant private parts on your house?

5.Tommy Lee Jones Ad

Tommy Lee Jones was the face of Boss Coffee, playing an alien who discovered that Earth kind of sucked and coffee helped him through or something. They were all crazypants, but this one is the best…

4.Dole Man!

I don’t think you’d want to eat the bananas this man shoots out of his nose at you, but, hey, he’s Dole man, so I guess it’s ok?

3.Inochi Ad

Kill it with fire.

2.Hoarse Women Ad

You know what men hate more than nerds? Women with scratchy voices! Suck on that, Elaine Stritch.

1.Blood Fire Extinguisher

Have you ever put out a fire with blood spewing from an unexplained wound? No? How sad for you.

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Top 10 Utterly Bizarre Japanese Ads Will Make You Say “WTF”

Tough lesson learned: Snowboarders safely rescued after getting lost on mountain for two days

Tough lesson learned: Snowboarders safely rescued after getting lost on mountain for two days

Japan takes a lot of pride in its four distinct seasons, and everyone seems to enjoy all the changes that each new time of year brings. With winter, you’ll see people setting up their kotatsu tables at home to keep warm, convenience stores starting to sell delicious hot bowls of oden , and what seems to be just about everyone in the country gearing up to hit the slopes. With mountainous regions throughout Japan, and travel companies offering super cheap ski-tour packages, it’s hard to ignore the call to pack up your board or skis and head for the powdery slopes.

A fun weekend at the Kagura Ski Resort in Niigata Prefecture is probably what 45-year-old Koju Neriko, his wife, and their friend had in mind when they set out with their snowboards last Friday, only to become terribly lost on the blustering mountain for two days.

The threesome was rescued safely from the mountain on the morning of January 4, after having gone missing two days earlier. It was later learned that the group became lost when they decided to take their adventure off the designated course. Unable to find their way back, they survived on the snacks they were each carrying and stuck out the night in snow caves they dug to keep sheltered from the cold, while trying to keep from falling asleep. Probably a bit more of an adventure than they were expecting.

In his tearful recount of the incident, Mr. Neruko admits that deciding to go off-course was not the best decision on his part.

Tough lesson learned: Snowboarders safely rescued after getting lost on mountain for two days Itai News

“I’ve seen on TV before how dangerous the mountains can be in the winter, but I’ve finally come to find out for myself just how treacherous they can really be,” he told reporters during an emotional press conference. “Since I’ve made it back alive, I want to warn my friends and others about it,” he added, tears streaming down his face.

Police reports warn that every year there are incidents of people going missing after straying from the designated course in pursuit of wilder terrain and untouched snow. While not a very smart move to go off the trail in the first place, it’s a good thing that the three had enough survival smarts to keep themselves alive until they were rescued. Lesson learned, and all’s well that ends well, right?

But net users have one question that has still gone unanswered: What on earth is that on Neruko’s head?

“Is that a hat? Or hair?”

“Is that his hair or a wig? He could probably keep warm if he burned it. LOL”

“His head looks warm.”

“…Is he wearing a turban? lol”

Jokes aside, to all of you planning to hit the slopes this winter remember to play it safe, and no matter how much of a pro you may be, be sure to remember Mr. Neriko’s hard-learned lesson and stick to the designated course! Mother Nature isn’t always so forgiving. (And your head probably won’t stay anywhere near as warm as his.)

Source: Itai News , tv asahi
Screenshots via Itai News

Tough lesson learned: Snowboarders safely rescued after getting lost on mountain for two days

“Sorry, Grandma, I thought you were the devil…” – Korean game addiction ad is painfully stupid

“Sorry, Grandma, I thought you were the devil…” – Korean game addiction ad is painfully stupid

The South Korean government recently released a video warning the general public about the dangers of video game addiction. The 25-second ad, which has already been edited and re-released following complaints about its content, shows the ways in which overexposure to video games can adversely affect the mental health of otherwise healthy young men and women.

It’s also spectacularly stupid.

Gaming blog Kotaku reported earlier this week that a bizarre government-funded “game addiction” ad had recently begun airing on screens installed in public areas in South Korea. Apparently, passersby were shown images of young adults exhibiting a series of abhorrent behaviours, such as a smartly dressed young man playing a smartphone game and then looking off camera wearing an expression of abject horror and a woman constantly tapping her index finger on an imaginary mouse while sitting in a cafe.

“Sorry, Grandma, I thought you were the devil…” – Korean game addiction ad is painfully stupid YouTube

“Sorry, Grandma, I thought you were the devil…” – Korean game addiction ad is painfully stupid YouTube

These behaviours, the ad suggests, are the result of video game addiction, and it asks the general public to consider whether they too have experienced such feelings or confused fantasy and reality as a result of too much digital playtime.

Here’s the ad as it originally appeared:

And here it is in its new, edited version after members of the public complained about its content:

Those of you who frequently read my ramblings on these here pages will know that I’m an enormous video game nut. Left to my own devices and without proper people around to give me a helpful poke, I’ll gladly spend my entire weekend doing nothing but playing games, drinking red wine and eating cheese (hey, I’m a nut but I’m a classy nut) . Even so, I consider myself to be a fairly normal, level-headed human being, and I’ve never had trouble drawing a line between fantasy and reality. True, after getting really into Black Ops 2‘s online multiplayer a few years ago, I have to confess that the sight of a plane passing overhead had me looking forward to my next play session and being able to shoot down enemy UAVs lest they gave away my position, and during my Nintendo 64 years I’d imagine taking out the occasional CCTV camera, GoldenEye style, whenever I spotted them in my town centre.

But that’s where the blurring of fantasy and reality ended. At no point did I dive into the prone position and await the arrival of a squad of enemy players, and as far as I know Liverpool city centre still has all of its security cameras, so I can’t help thinking that Korea’s game addiction advert was made entirely by people who have never played a video game in their lives or who secretly still wonder whether having their photo taken will steal a little bit of their soul.

▼ And let’s be honest, if this guy was really addicted to violent video games he’d at least know how to throw a decent punch…

“Sorry, Grandma, I thought you were the devil…” – Korean game addiction ad is painfully stupid

Korea does, admittedly, have a something of a problem on its hands with video game addiction . Young men especially have been known to become so obsessed with online games like Starcraft and its ilk that they’ll happily spend every waking hour at internet cafes or cooped up in their bedrooms playing them. If their constant gaming is becoming hazardous to their health or affecting those around them then certainly something needs to be done to help them. But rather than presenting video game addicts as borderline schizophrenic granny-punchers – who yet somehow still have the mental wherewithal to maintain a solid skin-care routine and attend job interviews – perhaps a better warning about the dangers of spending dozens of hours at a time playing video games would be to create an ad showing a sallow-faced twenty-something with a neck beard and a beer (wine?) belly checking his bank balance and realising that he’s pissed all of his money away on pizza deliveries and Puzzle and Dragons?

▼ It’d be a lot more convincing than the sight of this idiot freaking out in Disneyland, that’s for sure.

“Sorry, Grandma, I thought you were the devil…” – Korean game addiction ad is painfully stupid

Source: Kotaku US , YouTube 1 , 2
Feature/insert images: YouTube

“Sorry, Grandma, I thought you were the devil…” – Korean game addiction ad is painfully stupid

Square Enix Looking For Able Young Adventurers To Lead Its Foray Into The Indian Game Market

Square Enix Looking For Able Young Adventurers To Lead Its Foray Into The Indian Game Market

Allow us to compare the state of the world economy to a Tonberry , clumsily trudging ever forward and unpredictably deadly to those who dare to intervene in its path.

We can then liken the Indian video game industry to a Chocobo , a radiant yellow bird that, with enough time and experience, will able to run swiftly through even the most rugged terrain while the rest of us get stabbed by freaky little green guys with knives.

It is then only natural that Japanese video game publishing firm Square Enix has decided to establish a new subsidary office in India and is looking for able, Hindi-speaking people to help them orient themselves in the fledgling market.

The job responsibilities and requirements follow below.

Position: Indian Market Development Manager

Responsibilities include:
 Preparation for formation of an Indian subsidiary, including selection of and negotiation and contracting with partner companies when required.
 Participation in operation of the subsidiary following startup (You will be given consideration for a local management position).
 Survey and analysis of the local marketplace.

Required Skills and Experience:
 Native level Hindi and familiarity with Indian culture and market practices.
 Conversational level Japanese and English.
 A strong interest in developing a new market.
 3 years of previous work experience

The native level Hindi requirement disqualifies all of us over here in Japan; maybe our foreign readers will have better luck?

Given that India’s population is set to overtake China’s by around 2030, it’s no suprise that Square Enix is looking to get in the game early.

We just feel bad that India’s introduction to the Final Fantasy series may end up being entrusted to the likes of XIII…

Source: Square Enix Jobs (Japanese only)
[ Read in Japanese ]

Square Enix Looking For Able Young Adventurers To Lead Its Foray Into The Indian Game Market

Stunning Photos Of The Supermoon

Stunning Photos Of The Supermoon

On Saturday night, July 12, you may have noticed that the moon looked unusually large.

That’s because it was the “supermoon,” which happens when two phenomenon occur at the same time: the full moon and the “perigee moon.” The perigee moon is when the moon passes closest to earth causing it to look about 14% larger and 30% brighter than usual. It looks even larger when it hangs low over the horizon, as it does when it is rising, for reasons scientists can’t completely explain.

Don’t worry if you missed it though. You can catch another supermoon on August 10 and September 9.

Until then, check out our favorite pictures from this past weekend below:

Below, the moon rises over houses in Olvera, Spain.

Stunning Photos Of The SupermoonREUTERS/Jon Nazca

Here, the supermoon makes its way into the sky over downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

Stunning Photos Of The SupermoonREUTERS/Dave Kaup

In Beirut, Lebanon, the moon crosses behind a decorative lantern celebrating the Muslim holy month, Ramadan.

Stunning Photos Of The SupermoonAP Photo/Hussein Malla

In Malaga, Spain, a stork uses the supermoon as backlighting.

Stunning Photos Of The SupermoonREUTERS/Jon Nazca

The moon rises over the city in Manhattan.

Stunning Photos Of The SupermoonREUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

In Las Vegas, Nevada the moon sets over the western skies.

Stunning Photos Of The SupermoonREUTERS/Gene Blevins

Below, the supermoon crosses paths with the Tokyo Sky Tree in Japan, the tallest broadcasting tower in the world at over 2,000 feet tall.

Stunning Photos Of The SupermoonREUTERS/Yuya Shino

Here, the supermoon rises over Somoskoujfala castle northeast of Budapest, Hungary.

Stunning Photos Of The SupermoonAP Photo/MTI,Peter Komka

In Los Angeles, the supermoon lurks behind fans at a baseball game.

Stunning Photos Of The SupermoonAP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

The moon even loomed large the day before, on July 11, when this plane took off from New York.

Stunning Photos Of The SupermoonAP Photo/Nick Ut

In Macedonia, a man watches the supermoon rise over Dojran Lake.

Stunning Photos Of The SupermoonAP Photo/Boris Grdanoski

Cars zipped past as the moon rose over Memorial Bridge in Washington D.C.

Stunning Photos Of The SupermoonAP Photo/J. David Ake

The moon appears giant next to Los Angeles’ Mt. Wilson Observatory.

Stunning Photos Of The SupermoonGetty Images/David McNew / Stringer

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Stunning Photos Of The Supermoon