Bidet-Using Japanese Cat Years Ahead in Feline Hygiene

Bidet-Using Japanese Cat Years Ahead in Feline Hygiene

Come on rest-of-the world, we really think it’s time for you to embrace the washlete —you know, that bidet function common in Japanese toilets that sprays water and cleans important parts with the push of a button.

Really, once your go washlet, you never go back. We personally couldn’t imagine a world without the washlet. Even our cats use the washlete.

That’s right, our cats know how to keep potty time clean and proper. Take a look at the video posted below for proof!

The video is titled “Neko no Woshuletto” (Cat Washlet) and was uploaded to YouTube by user akiraito00212107.

In the comment section, akira explains:

“My family’s cat loves the washlet. When someone forgot to put down the toilet seat lid, the floor was covered in water. When I asked who did it, my son answered: ‘It was him.’ When we opened lid we were able to catch him in action immediately. He presses down the button with his paw, triggers the sensor with his tail and washed his butt. His other trick is pressing the ‘test print’ button on the printer.”

Indeed, this kitty seems to cause a lot of collateral damage by shooting jets of water recklessly at his tail. We imagine the family has made it a rule to close the lid after using the toilet. Just imagine the water bill that cat could run up.

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Bidet-Using Japanese Cat Years Ahead in Feline Hygiene