Are You in the Sexy Zone? If So the Police Would Like a Word with You

Are You in the Sexy Zone? If So the Police Would Like a Word with You

Johnny Kitagawa, 80 year-old former teen idol and boy band mogul is celebrating his 50th year in the industry.  And what a better way to do it than with Johnny and Associates’ newest smash hit makers, Sexy Zone!

Shori Sato (16), Kento Nakajima (18), Fuma Kikuchi (17), So Matsushima (15), and fresh young Marius Yo (12) formed Sexy Zone after graduating from Johnny’s Juniors, an extensive school for talented and strapping young men who will do whatever it takes to become stars.

By the way, all previous allegations by former Johnny’s Juniors with regards to inappropriate advances and abuse published in books and newspaper have never been proven in a criminal court of law.  I have no idea why I wrote that, but it seemed like it was necessary.

Sexy Zone’s latest single, Sexy Summer ni Yuki ga Furu (In Sexy Summer, Snow Falls), reached number one in its first week on the Oricon charts. Oricon is the Japanese company who tracks record sales and publishes the charts – and they are strongly against engaging in sexual relations with young boys. in case you were wondering.

All in all it’s been a good year for Sexy Zone as their song Kimi notame Boku ga Iru (I’m Here for You) was used for as the theme song for the 2012 London Olympic Volleyball games and qualifying matches held by the International Federation of Volleyball – an organization which by all accounts never employed disgraced coach Jerry Sandusky.

They are also providing music and participating in the variety TV program Chou Sennyu! Real Scope Hyper (Ultra-Infiltration! Real Scope Hyper), a show which of course contains no known sex offenders.

Johnny is often asked about the name “Sexy Zone” as if there was something strange about it.  In an interview with Yomiuri he said it had the feeling of “the sexiness of Michael Jackson,” the pop icon who was cleared of all counts of child molestation in 2005.

Yes, it certainly looks like the sky’s the limit for these talented youths. Oh and I just heard Sexy Zone will be having private face to face meetings with their fans at the police station nearest you! To qualify you must be a male over the age of 30.  Just go down and ask where the Sexy kids are, and an officer will be more than happy to help you.

Source: NariNari (Japanese)

Are You in the Sexy Zone? If So the Police Would Like a Word with You