South Korea Declares Lady Gaga Concert “Unsuitable for Minors”

South Korea Declares Lady Gaga Concert “Unsuitable for Minors”

It looks like little monsters hoping to see Lady Gaga kick off her world tour in Seoul on April 27 will have to stay in their caves: on March 30, a South Korean government agency decided to ban people under age 18 from attending the US pop diva’s concert on the grounds that it is “harmful to minors.”

The decision was made by the Korea Media Ratings Board, which, oddly enough, approved Gaga’s 2009 concert in South Korea to be suitable for ages 12 and up. Regarding their change in attitude, the board cites that some of Lady Gaga’s songs are “unsuitable for minors” and “sensationalist.”

The age ban is the first in 7 years, since minors were prohibited from attending a Marilyn Manson concert in 2005.

The unexpected change has forced event organizer Hyundai Card to issue refunds to teenagers it had sold tickets to after anticipating the April 27 concert would receive the same rating as the 2009 concert.

Hyundai Card has also received formal requests from several Christian groups in Korea to cancel the concert due to Lady Gaga’s glorification of homosexuality and “promotion of a culture of promiscuity through blatant sexual images.”

We personally think Lady Gaga has produced far more terrifying things than a culture of lewd sexuality.

Source: Searchina

South Korea Declares Lady Gaga Concert “Unsuitable for Minors”