Top 10 Badly Dressed World Leaders

A lot of world leaders, even ones from wealthy and developed countries, dress terribly and often look like a hot mess.

Both living and passed leaders can fit this description, and there is a wealth of material on both.

Here, let’s take a look at the Top 10 worst-dressed world leaders. And Sorry, Kim Jong-un, though you have a sweet Panama hat , you’re still on the list.

10. Richard Nixon

Top 10 Badly Dressed World Leaders

Um, wow. Well, first of all, check out how high up his pants are. How can he breathe? Seriously, the U.S. President could not find any better gear to wear than this bought-on-sale-from Marshall’s ensemble?

9. Muammar Gaddaffi

Top 10 Badly Dressed World Leaders

In addition to being the former feared and despotic maniacal leader of Libya, this dictator likes to wear women’s makeup apparently.

8. Hugo Chavez

Top 10 Badly Dressed World Leaders

Here’s the former Venezuelan president with fellow lefty extremists, the Castro brothers, in a track suit with his country’s colors adorned proudly.

Yeah, represent your hood, but damn …

7. Kim Jong Il

Top 10 Badly Dressed World Leaders

Here is the late North Korean dictator suspiciously eyeing some pizza dough like he has never seen it before, does not trust it and suspects it of containing poison.

Hey, like Joseph Heller wrote in “Catch 22,” just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.

6. Mao Zedong

Top 10 Badly Dressed World Leaders

Here he is in the usual Communist leader standard-issue green military outfit looking very stylish.

And in the picture it seems he is “voting” — for some new clothes, perhaps.

5. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Top 10 Badly Dressed World Leaders

This frightening Holocaust denier and former president of Iran is a man of the people. Here he is pictured taking the bus to work.

Hopefully the commute won’t be delayed by traffic or someone would be in serious trouble for sure. I’ve heard despots can be very serious about getting to work on time. After all, freedom can’t crush itself.

4. John Howard

Top 10 Badly Dressed World Leaders

This former Australian Prime Minister doesn’t seem like he likes to smile, in fact, it appears quite painful for him.

And what is he holding in the left picture anyway? Is it a cricket bat or some Aussie butt-hitting ritual implement, similar to the boot that famously kicked Bart Simpson in the rear after he offended the entire nation?

3. Fidel Castro

Top 10 Badly Dressed World Leaders

Give the man credit, when Castro found a look he liked, he stuck it through until the end.

The drab, olive-green military look never goes out of style — for dictators at least.

2. Kim Jong-un

Top 10 Badly Dressed World Leaders

Keeping a beleaguered population in line is a full-time job for North Korea ’s Dear Leader.

When the day has ended and all the torture and propaganda is done, he obviously likes to get some fresh air on the terrace and show off that terrible, just awful haircut.

He likes expensive imported European cheeses, but can’t find someone in a country of millions that can give him a good trim? I hope he didn’t tip. Or maybe he figured not locking up the barber was generous enough?

1. Vladimir Putin

Top 10 Badly Dressed World Leaders

This scary leader is probably one of that last people who should be photographed brandishing a weapon. Maybe he was thinking, “Hey, I’m not perceived as intimidating or macho enough.” Actually, ahem, correction, no one wants to try you, Mr. Putin. I think we are all clear that you are a badass.

Sorry, Presidents!


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Top 10 Badly Dressed World Leaders